I wrote EMOTIONAL BOYS BEING EMOTIONAL (a Hobart Bro Country Dispatch!)

-I wrote abt the US OPEN & REVISIONS over @ Real Pants!

-Baseball has left us. It is darkish and getting colder. Here lately I’m way into Nom Nom Paleo & Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed. I’ve also decided that Liev Schreiber is My New Favorite. Maybe I’m watching too much Ray Donovan ? altho I don’t think it’s too much. Either way I want him/a Liev-ish dude (Joshua Jackson?) to play Roscoe Pie in the dream movie version of my novel and I don’t think that’s too much either. In his 40s, devastatingly handsome, 100% super-manly dude swagger. Tough but sweet? Yep. But mostly it’s his speaking voice which I love so much I added it to my list of interests in my About Me section on here. Roscoe has water green eyes but we’ll make it work.

-I am reading DECEMBER 4 & 5 in Chicago with Ben Tanzer and Steve Karas and James Yates and Wyl Villacres.


-The world can be so hard and dark and cruel and sad and my prayer is that you cling to the Light that never goes out, esp. in the darkest times. Be kind to yrself and others and that’s what I’ll try my best to do too. Am looking fwd to making decaf chai and taking it easy. Am reading Anna Karenina. I go for a walk everyday for @ least 30 mins even when I don’t feel like it. I sit in front of my light therapy lamp in the morning. I love watching Steph Curry play basketball. I have a heated blanket in my car. There are ways of coping. Sending love. xx


Things! & All Period Pieces, Everything.


Thank you so much to Kevin Catalano for including me on his List of 5 + 20 Female Short Story Writers You Should Be Reading RIGHT NOW! Honored to be included alongside these women, mos def.

I also wrote abt Dierks Bentley and bro country for Hobart! 

I talked to my sweet friend Elizabeth abt Outlander!

And I was interviewed over @ Brit + Co abt my mornings! Thank you to Angela Velez!


Am currently in love with: Count Vronsky and Anna Karenina, Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem, rooibosPoldark. I miss the US Open a lot because for two weeks I was structuring my days around the matches, working/writing/revising and watching. I also watched and loved Far From the Madding Crowd and Belle. All Period Pieces, Everything.