1. Front/spine/back of my book EVERY KISS A WAR. I love it and it’s so, so pretty and officially being released ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! April 21. !!!

2. Kathy Fish was kind enough to interview me for her blog. YOU CAN READ IT HERE! I talk about my story MAKING COWBOYS & lots of writing/life stuff. Thank you much, Miss Kathy!

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EKAW research notes & book trailer deets!

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+ The official release date for my book is APRIL 21st! Yaaaaay. Book launch party planning is in full swing and I already ordered the candy cigarettes for the goodie bags. Will report back with more details soon.

+ EVERY KISS A WAR: RESEARCH NOTES are up @ Necessary Fiction and thank you to Steve Himmer for letting me be a part of this awesomeness!

+ EVERY KISS A WAR BOOK TRAILER stills are here and the whole thing will be released on April 21st! Red14Films does some beautiful stuff and I’m a lucky girl. I got a sneak peek @ the close-to-finished trailer and it is so so special and quiet and pretty. Overwhelmed with love.

+My story CREPUSCULAR will be in the inaugural issue of Wyvern Lit & thank you much to Brent “Rydin Dirty” Rydin for including me! It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written and I’m not sure I can explain why but I do love it. And and lots of baseball-watching around these parts. some arrow shooting, some fishin’. goodstuffs. Thank you, Jesus, for Spring. xo

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+ For the next two weeks over @ Sundog Lit, some beautiful work from some beautiful women who were inspired by my book EVERY KISS A WAR!
Amanda Miska
Ursula Villarreal-Moura
Samantha Garner
Kashana Cauley
Jane Carlson
Sarah Jarboe
Kima Jones
Susan Rukeyser
Teri Vlassopoulos
Jill Talbot
Lindsey Gates-Markel
Sarah Lynn Knowles
Ashley Farmer
Erin Keane
Kathy Fish
Gillian Devereux

Thank you so so much to these ladies and to Justin & Cynthia and everyone over @ Sundog Lit for making this so special for me. <3

+ Also I bought a new hat and took a selfie.
+ My story THE DARL INN will be in the special AMERICANA issue of Synaesthesia Magazine going live in April! And my story BEARISH will be in the spring issue of NANO Fiction!
+ Have been celebrating Lent by having sweet little email conversations full of Jesus and love and light w/my girlfriends.
+ Have been listening to The Lone Bellow and Jeffrey Foucault a lot. Kacey Musgraves too.

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Interview & Absolutely!

1. My friend, Scott Slucher, was kind enough to interview me for That Lit Site. You can read it here. (I talk about lots of things and also drop this hilarious gem: “I wrote this book to scare men”) l;askj

2. Made a little video thank you for everyone re: the Every Kiss a War LOVE! There is a cat and I also read my story, “Absolutely.” XO

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My Writing Process Blog Tour


*was tagged by my friend, Steve Karas! am tagging Amanda Miska, Sean Doyle and Robert James Russell so check out their blogs/their writing b/c I love them*

What am I working on?

A novel about a girl named Violet and some boys named Roscoe & Dominic. It is about salvation and running away and coming/finding home and also, baseball. I’m also working on a story about a girl called Sunday and her cowboy love. And a story called Crepuscular.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Idk! Maybe it does and doesn’t! Questions like these are kinda difficult for me to answer b/c I don’t think abt stuff like this v. often. I really just write whatever I wanna write. I do feel like my writing is minimalist. I always mention the iceberg theory. I don’t go into long descriptions of things/back stories. And I usually like to write the story after the Big Thing has happened. Usually it’s the characters reflecting back on the Big Thing if there even is a Big Thing. I also tend to write romance/romantic things. I have no issue w/being called a romance writer or a chick-lit writer. Those labels do not offend me. I also fight to have an underlying sense of lightness/hope in my stories. Always.

Why do I write what I do?

I write about my obsessions. The list is long! But I write abt cowboys and baseball and Americana and Jesus and country music and pickup trucks and Kentucky and kisses and staying up all night b/c I love those things. I love writing abt complicated relationships b/c I love writing arguments/wry dialogue. I write whatever I need to…selfishly…so I can get cozy images out of my brain, onto the page.

How does my writing process work?

I prettymuch have the story all figured out before I sit and get it down. I take little notes and think abt it for weeks and weeks before I write it down, most of the time. I let my husband read everything and sometimes I let one of my girlfriends read it too.

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