Interviews! Stories!


I am the featured fiction writer over @ Atticus Review and there’s an interview and two new stories of mine called DANDELION LIGHT and MY LOLITA EXPERIMENT.
I was also interviewed over @ Superstition Review.
-Thank you so much to the editors and readers of these magazines for being so kind to me! Niki, Beth, Georgia! THANK YOU!
And thank you to Naomi for always including me over @ The Writes of Woman/In the Media Round Up!
I also wrote about girlfriendships over @ Real Pants: WHO WILL RUN THE FROG HOSPITAL? & GIRLFRIENDSHIPS.
-Also I have been listening to a lot of Chase Rice b/c I love bro-country. And this pic of him in a Riggins’ Rigs t-shirt appeals to me on all levels of levels. I bought $5 tickets to see him soon. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Dierks Bentley. This is how I do life.



YA! Friendship! Things!

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I really loved TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE by Jenny Han and have already pre-ordered book #2. STOKED. Now I’m in the process of reading every word she’s ever written b/c I LOVE HER.  The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy is on the way to me right nooooow.

I wrote about Outlander.
I wrote about “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift and when a friendship break-up breaks your heart.
I talked to Dawn over @ The Female Gaze about my book Every Kiss A War. Thank you Dawn!

AAAND I have some essays and stories and interviews going live next week and I’ll holler back!



I wrote abt Jason Isbell and his song “Cover Me Up.”
I wrote abt Opening Day and Yay!

AND my story ALL THAT SMOKE HOWLING BLUE was selected for the BEST SMALL FICTIONS 2015 Anthology from Queen’s Ferry Press. And my story BEARISH is listed as a finalist! Thank you to everyone over there for considering my work and for choosing my work and for everything they do!

This was me in the Tennessee hotel light after eye makeup/before reapplying lipgloss.


I read in Nashville @ Howlin Books and there was no power b/c of storms so we read in the dark and it was so cozy and lovely and I loved it a lot. Also Jessica, the owner is awesome and beautiful and told me that the KINGS OF LEON and BLACK KEYS wives came in and bought copies of my book. AND YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT AND THEM and I was overwhelmed by it all. FAVORITE FOREVER. ROCK STAR WIVES having my book on their shelves. SO MUCH LOVE. xx

On & On

Warm weather + baseball games! AMEN.

I have a lovely literary agent now and her name is Kerry D’Agostino of Curtis Brown Ltd. COOLEST & BEST.

I wrote about Fiona Apple and girls singing about whatever they want over @ Real Pants.

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I bought these playsuits and GOOD LUCK to anyone who wants to see me in anything other than these playsuits in the spring/summer b/c this is my new life/reality now.


I have been listening to Four by One Direction so much and just watching so much One Direction stuff in general and I have this baby picture of Harry Styles on my phone and it will never leave my phone. I wrote a whole thing abt One Direction for Real Pants that’s going up next week and I went over my word limit which says so much already. I LOVE BOY BANDS OKAY.


My litmag’s first chapbook is out in the world to pre-orderers and fundraiser supporters! Read more about it here and it’ll be for sale in our shop in APRIL!

And my reading @ HOWLIN AFTER DARK for Howlin Books was rescheduled for FRIDAY APRIL 3 b/c it snoooowed!